Saturday, 3 September 2011

Hot wheels

So we went for a little trip to Stony Stratford today to go for a look around a hand made and vintage fair that the lovely Nicky was selling at. Isaac bought a Ladybird book about trains but I didn't buy anything - I should know that browsing and family outings don't really go together.

We had a wander down the high street which has a lovely mix of shops (and some nice looking charity shops that would have been good to browse in but see above). And there was also a big bike shop.

A few weeks ago I took Isaac into our local bike shop to see if he was ready for the next size up but he wasn't quite there. He's had a growth spurt though and we thought it worth checking again. It will be a big step up for him after his lovely Islabike as this is bigger but also a lot heavier and he's got the peddles to deal with but he will get the hang of it very quickly. We left the stabilisers on today so he could get used to the weight and the peddles but on uneven ground the stabiliser wheels made contact but the back wheel didn't which made for some very frustrating moments. I think they'll come off tomorrow.

We also bought Isabel a helmet so that she can go in the bike trailer that's due to arrive this week. The forecast is helpfully for rain all week - typical!

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  1. Oh gosh yes, browsing and small children don't go hand in hand. I keep a mental note of all the shops and markets I'd like to visit one day sans children...and then there are the museums and galleries I'd like to go back to and not be hurried around.
    Bike looks great, lucky boy!