Monday, 26 September 2011

Breathing space

Sometimes the much needed break comes in an unexpected way. With Matthew just back from a trip the last thing I was looking forward to was a house guest but then Alisa arrived and it was amazing. An old friend of Matthew's who I hadn't had the chance to meet as like so many of Matthew's old friends she lives a flight away. The kids loved her (Isabel spent a lot of time asking "where 'lisa" if she wasn't in sight) and she felt like an old friend in an instant.

A Sunday day trip with too many of us for one car meant I got to spend the day on the sofa and so feel just about human for the first time in a week or so.

Alisa, you are welcome any time!

Isabel got new shoes today. They were on her feet for about 3 nanoseconds but her brother trying to play with them meant they had to be clutched to her (my) bosom while she fed and slept.

An afternoon tidying up the garden, hanging endless lines of washing and playing culminated in the space hopper being found and blown up again and then Isaac appeared with a HUGE ice cream. I have no idea where the traffic cones came from but the fit was perfect. (And yes I know they're part dressed again, they had been fully dressed but combinations of sand and water meant layers were shed.)

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