Sunday, 2 October 2011

Canal Day

Today was the Canal Day festival in town. They line the banks of the canal with stalls and entertainment and in theory it's a great day out. In reality it's packed full of people and frustrating with small children. And hot. Really hot. We've been having a heat wave here whilst that's amazing and lovely for October it's not so great for a family day out in crowds.

There were small highlights in the day and it was worth going but we needed to come home when we did before everyone had a meltdown. We heard a few bands and saw a bit of Morris (Border Morris with the black faces seems to be the way here) and there was a face painted shark and lots of ice cream.

To make the heat wave complete we're now hearing that Thames Water are having pumping problems and we're likely to lose our water (currently flowing but on low pressure). We'll wait and see what happens.

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