Tuesday, 18 October 2011

A new window

So after nearly 18 months I have finally updated the window in the front room. I could just fix the thing that holds the voile on but so many people now find our house by 'the window' that I figure we may as well just go with it.

I've worked out an easy way to 'do' crafting with children - get some chocolates and put them on the table (Celebrations or other things they have to unwrap work best). Small people are distracted by the shiny shiny chocolate and you get to cut leaves out on your own. I had help of course cos the chocolates don't last long but it was a head start.

The last window had sticky-back-plastic (fablon) to hold everything together but this time I just went with glue. We'll see how good an idea that was when it comes to changing the window... I used watered down 'school glue' (it had gone a bit lumpy so I used the stick blender to mix it - wash things like this straight away so the glue doesn't dry or it'll take forever to get it clean) and just painted it on the window and then over any leaves that were still sticking up. It dries clear but you can see here where there were still some white bits. I might get some kite paper which is slightly thicker and more robust for doing more windows but the tissue paper was fine for this.

My children are not blessed with lots of hair in their early years. Isabel has some lovely curls and swirls though.

It's been cold here this week but the sun was lovely today so I asked Isaac which park he wanted to go to and off we went to Steeple Aston.

I'm currently in the middle of Frocktober (an attempt to wear a skirt or dress every day for a month - there are various of these things on facebook and other social media and I might do Dressember too but we'll see when we get there). I mostly wear tunics and have worn them with jeans a few times but I'm trying to vary what's on my legs but still stay warm (it's still a work in progress). I take a photograph every day and mostly it's in the hall mirror but I spotted a good place to put the camera and play around with the self timer a bit. "Sorry kids I can't play with you I'm having too much fun...". I hurt my ankle a bit though on one jump - still it could have been worse I could have fallen off the zip slide or something (it's only a matter of time before I injure myself on the play equipment).

When we got home all the glue had dried. I like how it looks but realise I've now set myself up to change it once autumn finishes - I'm not saying in which year though!

Any time the front door gets opened to pop something in a bin or get the post or anything there is a mass escape. Getting two children and one Labrador back into the house can be a circus and they have a habit of coming in and then going out again. They love being out the front of the house and watching the world go by (and looking wistfully at the park).