Monday, 3 October 2011

The end of the heat wave?

She walks and walks and walks and stops.... That's it just there lies down on the pavement and goes on strike. She thinks it's the funniest thing and laughs her head off refusing to move and waiting to be picked up and then runs off until she feels like doing it again. Everyone's very nice and walks round her.

Isaac is very patient with her too (although he'd like it if she'd let her pick her up instead of insisting on mummy). He does have to do a 'hurry up' every now and then even when she's running as there's a bit of a speed difference.

She does charge around though.

It was a really lovely day again today. Cold this morning so I dressed more for autumn but by the time I was hanging the washing out it was too hot and I had to change. The forecast for tomorrow is more like October. There was a strong warm wind and glorious sunshine.

The kids have spent most of the day outside one way or another and this afternoon there was a lot of play in the sand - two naked children who end up covered and then walk in the house and deposit it everywhere. I mean actually stand there and shake like dogs when they come in the house to maximise the spread! Thankfully they both love the shower too so get shut in there to clean off. Oh how I wish I had a downstairs shower for these moments so the trail of sand was more confined. It's very sweet though.

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