Friday, 14 October 2011

It's educational dontcha know

I am very happy that Isaac didn't go to school in September - he is only just 4 and the thought of him being in school 5 days a week would not suit him at all - but there are times when I feel like we should be doing something 'EDUCATIONAL'. I know deep down that it will be pointless and contrived and a waste of time (and often money) as he is learning lots by being interested in the things he's interested in and is not shy about asking questions or saying what he wants to do. But anyway I try every now and then...

So today we made a DIY lava lamp - oil, water, glitter, food colouring and an effervescent tablet (I used alka seltzer as that what they used on the blog I got the idea from but I don't see why a fizzy vitamin C tablet wouldn't work).

There were lots of bubbles. It was very pretty. It held their interest for about 3 seconds...

I quite liked it though.