Thursday, 13 October 2011

Up a tree

I was trying to put the slings away after this week's slingmeet but as soon as Isabel saw me fold the first one she was insistent on 'back'. So up she went in a ruck on my back which with her size and just a size 2 wrap was err interesting. Not to mention the naked bum. Naked children are slippery which isn't great when you don't have much wrap. As she got lower and lower down my back but refused to get down the only option was to put a longer wrap over the top - so much for putting them away! When she did eventually allow me to put her down she then played peek a boo for ages. Her giggle is the loveliest sounds.

We're still no wiser as to what was making her ill or how to get medicine into her but she seems ok now. She's feisty and demanding and keeps grabbing my hand and saying 'umon' (come on) as she leads me to the book chair or out into the garden. She's only happy if she has my full attention. Not easy for me or for Isaac.

Oh and the new phrases of the week are 'mine' and 'do it' (as in I'm going to do and no I won't accept any help no matter how well meaning so butt out mummy). It's been a trying week.

The battle to get clothes on two children is the hardest part of the day but eventually we made it out of the door to go to the park. Both were dressed top and bottom and had shoes on - it's nothing short of a miracle. Both shed their shoes at various stages in the park but hey we had them with us so that counts.

Isaac can now climb to the very top of the big climbing frame. He's aiming to stand on the top pointy bit. I'm glad he can't yet do it...

A nest was built out of branches and bark.

And then two birds laid eggs.

One lot of trees were climbed.

We said hello to the many squirrels that were in the park (and the cat who was in the playground).

There were lots and lots and lots of squirrels busy burying conkers, acorns and other morsels.

Whilst Isabel and I were still talking to small furry creatures Isaac was up the climbing tree. He's discovered Bob the Builder this week (I've been Wendy for most of the week and the dog is Pilchard - the dog is blissfully unaware of his blue cat alter ego) and so had many workshops up the tree instead of Octopods (from Octonauts).

As usual the dog was on hand when pizza was being made - and in the wrong place when flour was being cleaned up.

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