Monday, 24 October 2011

In praise of cheese breadsticks and egg sandwiches

Long journeys call for survival planning when you have small children. Kallo cheese breadsticks are a must in our car. Matthew likes to keep his behind his ear... *I hope nobody takes a photo is the wrong thing to say when your wife is bored*. Also in our kit are CDs with Paddington, Peter Rabbit and Hairy Maclary amongst others. We were helped along by a Cadbury promotion at the services where I won a bar of chocolate (not that I saw any of it). And of course timing it so at least one child sleeps can help - err yeah need more work on that one. Anyway it was all worth it to go and see our lovely friends and their new baby.

The main draw at the park today were the sheep (and the sheep poo).

But there was a fair bit of hanging around too.

Apparently there was a big storm coming so we had to get in the car quick which meant I had to get off the big swing that I was lying on and drive them home. Imagination is a great thing... sometimes.