Sunday, 9 October 2011


We had a quick lunch today at Carriages Cafe and then a walk/bike ride on part of the Stratford Greenway. The cafe does a good line in fry ups (veggie and meat versions) and the dog was very interested in the bacon smells coming from the carriage - so much so that as soon as he was untied he headed up the stairs to try and claim some lunch.

We need to work out a way to get the adult bikes in the car and to the trail as it's a great cycle route (and mostly dog proof). We ended up going further than we'd planned as it was so nice and then had to deal with tired children on the way back. The dog ran the whole time (occasionally back towards us).

It would have been easier if Isabel had agreed to be carried all the time but she kept yelling 'down' and leaning as far back as possible in the wrap which made it impossible to carry her comfortably.

She'd then get tired and ask for 'back' again.

Matthew had to go and get the car in the end as they both went on strike.

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