Tuesday, 21 July 2009

The Boy's Getting Better

Well after a few quiet days because Isaac's not been very well we've had a bit more of a normal day. It was raining so hard this morning though that the dog refused to leave the kitchen even though Isaac was out playing on his bike. I'll leave you to decide the relative intelligence of a 6 year old Labrador vs a toddler!

We did a lot of building with some megablocks (less inspiring than the duplo but Isaac found the building easier).

The dog was a passive participant.

Isaac had to show me a brick close up when I got the camera out.

And then he decided he should wear the blocks.

Before using his 'wheelbarrow' as a dumper truck and throwing a brick in at a time before tipping it out on the bottom of the stairs.

There's a suggestion in Steiner/Waldorf that fever is a positive thing and that if you look at a child's development there are often big leaps in cognitive or language development that accompany or coincide with the fever. (Steiner physicians don't really seem to approve of controlling a fever but prefer to let it run its course - Isaac is prone to fever spikes in the middle of night though so I'm more cautious and use some drugs to stave off the worst.) With this in mind though I've been thinking about any developments that have happened in the last week. Isaac's language has definitely made a leap and his creative play today seemed on a new level to me. I don't know if it's linked to the fever or not.

We went for a play in the park this afternoon and watched the men working. They're relaying the tennis courts as part of the improvements. Isaac could have stayed for ages to watch but the fumes got a bit much for me.

We both admired the dumper truck though!

Sometimes it's great to see how generous kids are. Two boys were playing football and were quite serious in what they were doing but as soon as Isaac headed their way they were happy to include him and to encourage him to kick the ball. He loved it and I could see his confidence grow just in the 5 minutes of playing with them.

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