Sunday, 19 July 2009

Fire Engines and Police Vans

This was the view on our street today.

But fear not it was The Big Lunch and the street was closed to vehicles apart from our friendly neighbourhood emergency services who came to let children climb all over their vehicles and play with their hoses.

But first we made a few scones - well I say, we, I mean I did cos the boy was too busy standing there with his hand in his pocket and picking his nose.

Unfortunately the weather was very British and we had to huddle under cover for most of the afternoon.

And the waterproofs were on and off all afternoon.

There was much admiration of the fire engine and when he climbed up into the back of the cab he looked very unimpressed and wanted to know where the wheel was.

So we had to lift him down and let him in the front. He got to hoot the horn but couldn't reach the siren.

The rest of the afternoon was spent mostly on the bouncy castle.

Or dancing to the entertainment.

Our friend Kerry did a little set and Isaac was her biggest fan!

But then it went a bit wrong and all the naughty boys and girls got locked up...

But he made his escape on a pink motorbike...
(this is one that when you press the pedal actually moves, unfortunately he wasn't very good at steering so we had to clear a wide path)

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