Monday, 6 July 2009

A new week

Well we didn't do anything all that exciting today but a walk to the post office takes a while.

Especially when the boy does the walking.

One of his favourite 'toys' is an umbrella and as the weather has taken a turn for the wetter here we had one on hand. It makes a great pull-toy with the metal spokes scraping along the ground and echoing off the tall buildings.

He picked up a feather which was more interesting than the brolly.

And the feathered creatures were more interesting still - although they wouldn't stay and play.

He did his civic duty and put some rubbish in the bin. As soon as he picked it up and I said it was dirty he said 'bin' and then carried it until we found a bin for him to put it in.

This is what the dog looks like when he wants something.

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