Thursday, 2 July 2009

You can lead a bear to water but you can't make him think

We've had another day at home today as I didn't fancy carrying a toddler nor running after one in this heat and especially not with the bear added to the mix. We read a lot of books a lot of times and the word of the day is MOOSE because of this book. Sometimes it's easy to be rush and want your child to move onto the next stage and although we're now reading lots of books with more words in them we're also still using a lot of board books with very simple stories or rhymes. Isaac gets a lot out of both.

We re-found the salt dough beads today and did a bit of threading but he soon got bored with it and left them all over the floor. Finn tried to eat one and Isaac stood on another so they're rapidly dwindling in number. They're really quite soft so I'm not expecting them to last for very long.

We did a bit of painting but I need to go back to the A3 sheets as otherwise he spends more time painting on the work surface than on the paper.

And then we played in the garden with the dog. It's amazing what he'll do for the right motivation (ie food). Although he wouldn't stay in there beyond the treat.

As you can see the water ended up being filthy.

Not that it stopped Finn from drinking it and I had to intervene so that Isaac didn't start swilling it from the watering can.

And then he got his stripy bag off the line where I was trying to get it dry. He wore it like a cloak and rode his bike and climbed onto his stool and had it on while he ate dinner. He has now abandoned it in a pile on the floor so I guess he'll have to wear another one to bed tonight.

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