Thursday, 23 July 2009

Where once were swings...

WARNING - if you've not read the last post start there...

OK so most of you won't care but it makes more sense!

After our earlier 'swings, swings' demands and a visit to some substitute swings I thought we'd got it out of our systems. But for an almost 2 year old these things run deep. So after our evening meal (well his, I didn't get to finish mine). Wellies were put on (by child) as was a coat (I had to do the zip but otherwise again it was just him) and there was banging on the door and more 'swings, swings'. So off we went. The wellies were abandoned pretty soon as they were uncomfortable without socks so off he went barefoot.

And this is what we found, nothing!

The boy found a good stick to ring the fences.

And then did a little climbing.

And spent a lot of time running around the park shouting 'Ruby, Ruby' after he saw our neighbour's lurcher-saluki cross running round the park. He seemed to like the word as he said it all the way home too with a lot of giggling.

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