Tuesday, 14 September 2010


It really feels like autumn now. The leaves are starting to turn and it's been a very windy day today and we found our first ripe conkers (I found one a few weeks ago but it was still green inside). They're such a satisfying thing for children of all ages - the prickly outer case gives a sense of danger and then the shiny polished conker within is such a joy to look at and to hold. Isaac doesn't yet have the thrill of conkers to add to the joy yet but instead they head the way of all small boy's treasures, into the pocket. They have since been driven around the house in landrovers, trailers and are currently on the floor adding to the trip hazards.

The bike helmet is kept on during the whole trip out and there are times when it gives a little parental comfort to know that he's wearing it...

But at other times it gives a glimpse of the adventurer he may become and I have to try hard not to worry about him climbing higher frames and swinging off bigger ropes.

My plan when I was pregnant was that I wouldn't need to use the buggy but would sling Isabel. I like the freedom of being hands free and not having to push a buggy around. The c-section and a heavy baby though have meant my buggy free plans have taken a little longer to come about. The buggy is still handy for dumping things in and if Isaac isn't on his bike he sometimes wants to go in it on the way home so it has its uses. But in the last week or so I've been going out without the buggy and enjoying the snuggly feeling of a sleeping girl on my back whilst I push a swing or hold a rope.

Isaac spent most of today's trip to the park singing the alphabet song. He traced the letters on the slide singing it too. We're a long way from reading yet and I'm in no hurry but it's lovely seeing him make the connection that letter shapes are something to do with letter sounds.

He keeps demanding he has the camera and the runs off and takes pictures of random bits of ground etc. He wanted to take a photo of his sister today though.

And then he handed the camera back and told me to take a photo of him and to tell him to smile.

He's spending a lot of time watching DVDs and CBeebies on the iPlayer at the moment but I'm trying not to push it and offering alternatives. After his nap today (hurray he had a nap - it's a bit hit and miss at the moment and the days he doesn't have one feel very very long) he said he wanted to do some painting and then painting turned into cutting and some sticking. One of the things he's been watching on the iPlayer is Mister Maker so I guess all that screen time isn't wasted (although I'd be happier if he didn't start talking about gloopy glue and things that Mister Maker say).

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