Thursday, 9 September 2010

A walk in the woods

The forecast for this week was rain, rain and more rain and whilst we've had the odd black cloud looming it's actually been lovely weather. Today late as ever for the group activity we might have gone to we piled in the car and went to the woods instead.

As we walked down the main path the boy yelled a halt and made me go back to look at a very tiny snail. He then demanded he took a picture of it.

I took on the rest of the picture taking duties though as he was too busy collecting leaves and dandelions and just generally having fun.

Usually if I'm walking for any length of time Isabel will drop off to sleep, which was the plan for today. She had other ideas though and spent as much time as she could trying to lean out of the sling and grab things.

To the point where she nearly made it all the way out.

Isaac commented on the trees in the river so we talked a bit about reflections and how the water was like a mirror.

He went digging for moles again. He said the mole would either run away or would stay and say hello and then he'd be able to cuddle the mole. Bless him he's a friendly soul. There were lots and lots of mole hills and so we talked about whether there were lots of moles or just one busy one. One busy one he decided.

It's annoying when she's grabbing for everything but she's ever so cute.

And then we found a bit of the river that we could see the bottom of which meant one thing, paddling.

I decided it was safer to have her on my back at that point as I needed to be able to help Isaac in the water.

Lots and lots and lots of this...

Meant a very wet (but happy) boy - and yes he is wearing a pajama top as it was all I could find, such is life.

So one sleeping girl on my back and one trouserless boy carried in my arms we headed back to the car.

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