Sunday, 26 September 2010

Mess & messing about

I had forgotten just how messy baby led weaning can be.... luckily we have the dog on hand to clear up most of the mess but there are times when we need another dog to clean up the bear (he got fruit puree all down his back this afternoon after camping out under the high chair). 

The park is full of squirrels running around trying to collect food for the winter. There was one hauling a half empty packet of biscuits across the path this afternoon. Most are running off with beech nuts and the like. The leaves on the trees are turning and the park is very definitely putting on its autumn face. I'm not a fan of the winter and much prefer the long days of summer (and warmth!) but even I can appreciate this change of season and find magic in it. 

The climbing tree still has its cloak of leaves on. I can remember having to help Isaac up the first bit and then needing to be on hand to help him move from branch to branch. He needs no help now. The boy is growing. 

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  1. My mum and dad have a dog and Willow likes to deliberately drop things on him from her highchair :D

    Naomi (neggin on NMs)