Thursday, 9 September 2010

Have tutu will travel

The tutu got discarded after the last play but he reached for it today and demanded help in putting it on (there's lots of demanding goes on in a 3 year old's life but he can very polite too so I figure he'll learn the niceties as and when he's ready and use it a reminder to model the behaviours I want him to copy). After sitting in Isabel's highchair for a while he was bursting with energy so I suggested we go to the park and he wanted to keep the tutu on - fine by me.

Isabel was awake and a bit restless so I figured it was time to let her play in the swings. She loved it and Isaac loved pushing her. You really can't beat swings for fun.

The tutu has a big drawback - how do you pee in it? So at that point it came off.

He rode his bike very very fast up the big hill and then of course very very fast down the big hill... On the third time he didn't quite stop before the railings and so there were a few tears but he came to no harm.

Even on my back she wants to be into everything.

Today is Jewish New Year when we have apples dipped in honey for sweetness in the new year. What better use for our one apple.

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