Thursday, 16 September 2010

Just hangin' around

I'm not getting much sleep at the moment - neither of my children sleep through and most of the time I can function just fine on broken sleep but there are times when I get woken from deep sleep and feel groggy all day or just between them they manage to wake me up too often or keep me up too late. So today was a quiet day. Isaac did some sticking and some painting.

I was a bit sad that he did two paintings this morning and then put one on top of the other and because we were just using cheap paper they then stuck together so that the bottom picture now has bits stuck to it. I was annoyed because I like that picture. It appeals to me as an adult and I would like to preserve it as it was painted and maybe display it. I have designated it a 'good' painting in my mind. I have to remind myself though that for him it's all about the process and not about the end result. Whilst he is very adamant when he's finished a painting he rarely goes back to look at them again (and we have a lot on display so he can see them). The process is what counts when you're 3.

We played with a balloon in the hall for a very long time (we're getting new neighbours this weekend so raucous games in the hall may have to be curtailed)

He needed a little lie down after a while...

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