Tuesday, 28 September 2010

Everyday things

There will be some changes to the blog as soon as I get a minute to move it. The new *improved* editor on blogger has made it twice as difficult for me to do anything and so has nudged me to move the blog to another host - something I've been thinking about for a while anyway. Any recommendations welcome but I think it will be Typepad otherwise. 

Anyway enough of my frustrations with the technicalities... 

Her ladyship is into everything and is so distracted she's not sleeping or feeding well in the daytime which is leading to frustrations all round. She's very cute though.

When I finally did get her down for a nap today it meant I got some quality floor time with the boy. Whilst he played with his kitchen and served me up a variety of interesting foods I sewed press studs onto bibs and of course being 3 he then wanted to do what I was doing. So needle in hand and he had his first go at sewing. 

He's really more interested in thread though - he'd happily unwind a whole reel given the chance. 

He then found my seam ripper and tried to use it like a screwdriver. I've had so many of them broken that I thought it better to give him the real thing and so he then spent a happy half hour taking his chair apart. He wasn't as keen to put it back together but when I put the screws in for him he then tightened them all up again very well. 

And then he wanted to paint.... himself mostly.

I tried another no knead bread recipe today. I love the artisan breads but you need to plan ahead with them whereas this was a quick make and was very yummy.  I used 3 cups of malted flour and one of white bread flour.

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  1. Oh my how she's growing! Good idea to actually hand over the alan key - I will be borrowing this idea.