Saturday, 25 September 2010

Rainy day

It's really been feeling autumnal these last few days. The leaves are starting to fall off the trees and it's been rainy and windy on and off. 

We had a little visitor in the garden yesterday. There was a pond next door that used to have lots of frog spawn every year so I know there are frogs around but it's rare for us to see them. I have my suspicions that this was a toad though - my mum will let me know...

The conkers in the park are usually devoured by the children on the way to and from school so it's rare to get a good haul but as it was so windy yesterday we got them fresh off the tree (and one passing pedestrian got hit by a falling conker). I don't know who was more excited me or Isaac. The boy needs bigger pocket - giving them to me to put in mine just didn't cut it but he got very frustrated that they kepy falling out of his. 

I love our park. When the play bit was redone last year they put some huge rocks in there and Isaac loves jumping off them.

He also spends a lot of time just picking up sticks and other natural bits. I love that he isn't reliant just on the play equipment.

Now he's 3 a lot of his friends are going to preschool. We're going to home educate and so I don't see the point of putting him in preschool but I have been making an effort to go to the local toddler group. I'm not sure how successful it is though - we all get a bit stressed getting out the door to get there mostly on time (I don't mind if we're late but there comes a point where it's not worth going). It seems counter-intuitive to stop him mid game at home so that we can go and play somewhere else. He loves the singing at the end but and he likes the different toys (well mostly he likes the 8 Thomas the Tank engines that there are and hoards them so no one else can play with them). He did play with some play doh yesterday but just as he was getting into it it was time to stop. And then the most fun was had going to the park afterwards. I don't know, I don't know whether I'm taking him to the group because I feel I ought to or because it's actually a good idea. (I've had a long hard week this week with very little sleep and could have done without having to make small talk with people I don't really know so I don't know if that's colouring my view.)

Anyway it's about the only time he goes in the buggy and I actually get to look at his face - he's usually moving around too much for me to get a good look at him otherwise (we have a parent facing buggy).

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