Tuesday, 12 April 2011

Down on the farm

For a while Isaac has talked about when we went to feed the hens and goats so we went back to the deer park at Snettisham today (I've still not set eyes on a deer there...). It was a lovely sunny day again but a bracing wind so we all had to wrap up a bit.

Hens were duly fed. Billy goats made Isabel cry - they are rather boisterous and jump up at the fence and Isaac is wary of them. The rest of the animals went down well but again I am wondering how they can charge the entry price they do.

A huge tree stump was very tempting.

The gravel and later the bark chippings provided endless fun.

There were tractors to ride on

and climb on

and slides to go down

The main bit of the playground is designed for over 7s and if busy really isn't suitable for smaller children but in a quiet moment the boy disappeared to be next seen at the top asking how he could get down again. Once he'd worked it out with a little assistance he was then off up again and only came back down when a party of big kids appeared.

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