Sunday, 10 April 2011

Swinging ducks

OK so the duck wasn't on the swings but both were at the park.

If you haven't been on a swing in recent years find a child to take to the park and then sneak onto the swings and feel the absolute joy of swinging up high. It would be even better if I didn't have to cram my thighs onto the seat but even so it's such great fun.

My two love the swings. But even more they love each other swinging. There's raucous laughter and a fair amount of squealing.

We were joined by a very tame lady mallard who happily pottered around the park whilst we played. Isabel is signing with passion (if not accuracy) and was doing very exuberant hand motions with a pretty good quacking noise.

She fell asleep on the way back from the park. It's been a while since she slept on my back as she's usually too nosey but she just couldn't fight it any longer. She is very protective of whatever food she has in her hands and had to have a soggy bit of gingerbread prised out of her hand (not before she'd wiped it all over the wrap though).

An unusual view of the dog. He's done this before of squeezing himself under the chair so that he's safe from small people but on hand for any scraps that may fall to the floor.

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