Wednesday, 20 April 2011

The view from the window

The roof is almost fixed.

She has to go higher.

Monday was Passover so we spent the day with Granny & Grandpa. The children were both very busy, Isaac with his train and bits of track.

And Isabel had to take some important calls (on the remote control).

After shunning the buggy for most of her life it has suddenly become interesting. All the more so if it gets you closer to the action.

But a ride to the shops is acceptable too.

Dresses and crawling don't go well together (you end up crawling inside your skirts) but as she's more upright now and the weather has been lovely she wore a dress for a few brief moments today (she then got wet & muddy so had yet another change of outfit). Wearing a dress doesn't stop her climbing or anything.

She's signing 'bird' here. Her main signs are 'more', 'daddy' and 'bird'.

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