Tuesday, 26 April 2011

Sensory play or child labour

You decide!

There's been a lot of work going on in the garden recently (thanks Adam). I've taken lots of photos so that I'll know what are plants and what are weeds if I don't manage to keep on top of it over the summer. One thing I've noticed with having two children though is that they do keep each other occupied to an extent so I can do bits of weeding and odd jobs around the garden without having to stop small hands pulling up the wrong plants. I'm hoping that doing little and often I'll get into the habit of tending the garden and so will be able to stop the dog from trampling everything and stop the ground elder from taking over.

When we got our big blue recycling bin Matthew liberated some of the blue boxes without knowing what we would do with them. They're perfect for planting salad leaves and herbs in though and finally we've got them planted up. The new plants have survived being watered by three small boys (it was a flood!) and are starting to fill out.

My favourite time is getting nearer - the peonies are in bud.

I have a few bulbs that have survived (I'm hoping this year to remember to plant some more in the autumn) and these pretty alliums are looking lovely.


  1. Oooh lovely gardening. Ours looks an utter mess and I've never done any real work to it since we moved in 3 years ago. It's my big goal this summer between going on maternity and actually giving birth, to finally gut it even if I don't get chance to re-plant lovely things until next year.

  2. don't gut it till you can fill the spaces or you'll have even more weeds to deal with ;~)