Thursday, 21 April 2011

Why do they make white clothes for toddlers?

You know how it is, there's a multipack of tops in the sale and one of them's white but it's a good deal so you buy it anyway. It's gleaming white and looks oh so summery and then you put it on the child. She stays clean for the first 30 seconds and then heads for the door...

By mid afternoon the top is a map of the day. Strawberries (lots of them - and yes I know strawberries and white was always going to be a mess). Snot. Random green that may or not be related to a snail incident. Erm I do believe that might be chocolate, or is it mud. Or both?

Oh well whatever it is she wants more of it.

It was a long afternoon of fun following a long day of fun yesterday for the boy and he was 'too tired' to walk home (Isabel was asleep in the buggy - a very rare event) so the only thing to do was to sling him and walk up the hill to home.

Where upon he inked himself...

Now I know from experience that this ink is not easy to remove (and yet I still let him do stamping, go figure). But recently I came across some lovely and easy to make lotion that is both a lovely moisturiser and a great cleanser for this sort of thing. You can find the recipe here and it worked a treat.

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