Saturday, 9 April 2011

Sunny Sandringham

What to do on a sunny Saturday at the seaside when the world is going to descend on the beach? Head inland. So off we went to the woods at Sandringham. There's something so lovely about a mature woodland. The lovely local woods that we go to is relatively new and very 'managed' most of the trees are still small, so whilst it's lovely it's not the same as the old trees in big parkland woods like at Sandringham. The boy wanted to know the queen's name and then proceeded to call her plain old 'Elizabeth' from then on. I like his style.

The was climbing up.

Climbing out (it's only a matter of time before he does this out of the upstairs bathroom window at home).

A sleepy girl did lots of 'up' on the log steps you can just see behind her here.

More climbing - he was very pleased with himself having watched a group of bigger kids climb up and thinking he couldn't do it to find that he could manage on his second attempt.

There were some classic cars - I got a little anxious when the boy picked up a large stick and started swinging it around close to the shiny paintwork and we then retreated to a safer distance.

A pair of antlers.

And a very large squirrel.

After taking these pictures of Isaac I started to walk back to the car only to have a small voice say, 'I'm stuck'. Thankfully we managed to get him out again without having to resort to chainsaws.

Isabel is loving exploring a new house and quietly goes about her business. When it gets too quiet I go and see what she's up to...

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