Tuesday, 5 April 2011

Wet and cold

After a lovely couple of weeks of warm sunny weather it's got wet and cold again. It doesn't stop the cries of 'outside' though. Both children were very happy to play in the rain this afternoon (the dog was less impressed but wasn't allowed back in the house until I was). After a very long time of meaning to do it I've finally got some stones for the gap between the decking and the wall. I wanted big cobbles but we couldn't find any so I've got smaller stones. The plan was for them to be functional, decorative but also to be played with. They have been a great success on the last point. Unfortunately this now means they're scattered all over the decking! They have been scooped up and put in piles, put in the lantern, transported in the back of the trike. They are a big success. And unlike the plastic toys they won't break. It may get a little frustrating rounding them up though...

As well as being super cute Isabel is showing off her injury. A brother assisted fall off a chair yesterday ended with lots of blood and a fat lip. She did a lot of howling but then was happy and chilled and only complained when any attempt was made to clean it up or stick anything over it. There was added mud today.

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