Tuesday, 7 April 2009

Bear in a box...

Oh yes and more black and white.

First we did pen...

Lots of dots.

Lots of putting the lid on and off.

Some big scribbles.

And then a request for paint!
In some ways I wish he's stopped after the first bold strokes. There's something so great about big sweeps of black on a big white page. 

He was having fun though so he carried on. We seem to have got the right brush so he can get it in and out of the pot easily with lots of paint on it.

And then he pointed to the other paints too - so I gave him the white. He got bored very quickly of white paint on white paper though.

Although it's always good to get it on you hands...

The finished articles. 

And just because it's funny when he does it - bear in a box, again. 

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