Monday, 20 April 2009

Salt dough paint

This is a paint recipe from First Art although I spotted it first on Slugs on the Refrigerator (and actually I think I first came across the book through Kat's blog anyway). 

I'm not sure if we got the consistency right and I think if I do it again I'll put less water in and use the liquid paint as the main part of the fluid (I used ELC's ready mixed paint) and as we're still doing the Susan Striker method of introducing colour we just used red but I gave him both black ad white card. 

It started really well.

But then he just squeezed it out into a big blob - fun in its own way though.

He got his fingers into it but didn't do a full on squidge with his hands.

But he did get hold of me!

The paint is very wet and as it was a big blob it took a very long time to dry. You definitely need a good heavy paper or card to survive this. 

The paint dries with sparkly bits in it because of the salt but like the salt dough beads it's also a chalky colour when it dries. 

We'll definitely do this again and I'll work on the consistency. 

We got our sauce bottles from the local kitchen shop as I couldn't find them anywhere else but it's probably cheaper to buy sauce from the supermarket and then reuse the bottle.

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