Wednesday, 22 April 2009

Photographs in the mind.

Matthew's been away for a week and so I've been out with the dog every day with Isaac on my back. I have enough to carry and so haven't been taking my camera but there are some images that are marked in my mind as vividly as if there were photographs.

A silver tabby cat sitting inside a Victorian bay window with the deep frame covering its nose so that all you can see are the eyes and ears with a front garden of stones and a gorgeous creamy white magnolia tree in full flower. 

Another cat glimpsed through a window lying full length along the back of a sofa in bright sunshine.

The view of the blue sky through the thick may blossom. 

The dog running full speed up the hill bringing the ball back with ears flapping. 

And the sounds of the last few days have mostly consisted of shouts of BALL or BUSSS very loud in my ear and echoing off the houses around us. 

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