Wednesday, 1 April 2009

More black.

The reason why all art materials should be nontoxic!

And the masterpiece in pen and slobber... 

close up...

More messing around (to give him his due these are finger paints so it's a bit much to expect him not to make a mess). 

Fingers and brush.

The finished article. 

I was going to make this into a print as the paper is A3 but I had to fold it fit it in the high chair tray but actually I like it how it is and there isn't a lot of paint so trying to make it into a butterfly print wouldn't work. 

And what was I doing while he got creative? 

I have to say I'm not (or maybe wasn't) a big coffee drinker but since we got this it's so nice to have a proper cup of coffee that I'm rarely having tea.

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