Thursday, 30 April 2009

Bus, Blue, Bus, Ball.

When does a child playing with a camera and getting accidental pictures become photography? Does it have to be a deliberate act of looking, composing and taking or does a random pressing of buttons count? If the first then I suspect a lot of my best shots don't count!

Anyway he's Isaac's bus.

We've moved onto blue in the Young At Art method. I don't think we did very much with red but as Isaac is recognising red very well I don't think there's any harm to moving on. I'll revisit monochrome in the future anyway as I think it's fun but for now we'll progress through the colours fairly quickly. 

Isaac's really enjoying his wheeled vehicles of different shapes and sizes and spend ages pushing this bus around. It's hard to know how much is nature and how much nurture in the preference of boys for certain toys and girls for others. It's impossible to tell as we reinforce things without realising. I'm happy for him to like wheels and building and things like that as he's also happy to play with his doll and his baby and shows a caring nature. I think it's about balance ultimately.

This isn't a great shot except for Finn's look! 

The classic toddler pose. It's been a long time since I could fold myself in half!

Isaac's very interested in balls, partly because Finn loves playing with balls and anything Finn does Isaac wants to do too. He spent a long time this afternoon playing bally on the stairs (sitting at the top of the stairs and throwing the ball down, the idea being that the bear will retrieve it - him being a retriever and all -  but as this dog will only work for food and not for the simple pleasure of the game it was Isaac who did the retrieving as well as the throwing. He had fun though. And then went and played football in the hall. 

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