Tuesday, 14 April 2009

Red paint & new PJs

Isaac seemed to be getting a bit bored with black and white so we started with some red. He loves the paints more than pen or crayon but even then the activity only lasts a few minutes - the joys of toddlers!

After paint we did some pen - well the pen was out, he got more on his face and hands than the paper. 

He does love putting the lids on and taking them off again though...

I've had the same two pairs of pajama bottoms for years and they're now falling apart so I thought I'd try and make some with some Michael Miller fabric I had. I used an old pair of PJs as the pattern and then sewed and guessed and just had a go really. 

It's a long time since I did any sewing and I had to unearth the machine from the loft (and it was very dusty). It was fun to do but I need to get a bit more practice in. I have some fabrics to make some more trousers for Isaac but I need to take a bit more care about the cutting to get them right. 

They may look a bit basic but they're very comfy.

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  1. Love the latest entries (perhaps because we feature - vanity, vanity).