Thursday, 16 April 2009

Zebras, Boots and Dough sticks

Doesn't everyone's farm have a zebra on it? 

Although the realism of a car and an old bus in the barn is good ;~)

Isaac can now say 'boots' and wants to try them all - ride em cowboy!

Although being on the right feet might be an improvement.

We went to Kangaroo Playgroup today and one of the mums had made dough sticks which were yummy so we had to come home and do the same. 

Most of the work was done by the bread maker but we had to get hands on to shape them.
Which of course led to the need to clean up.

The finished article. 

I used Matthew's Cotswold Eight Grain Flour from our local farm shop with a good pinch of a lovely dried herb mix from Norfolk that has rosemary, thyme and sage in it (although rosemary on its own would be just as good). If I was making them just for grown ups I'd sprinkle them with sea salt too but Isaac already gets plenty of salt so I don't want to increase his consumption. 

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