Sunday, 5 April 2009

White on black.

As a variation on the black and white theme we did white on black today. I don't know if it because the brush was a little smaller or if the white paint is just runnier but Isaac seemed to like stabbing the brush into the pot and then slathering lots of paint onto the card. He then started painting his hand and spreading it around with his fingers.

So today was the first day where there was lots of coverage of the paper (something that becomes more common as children get older). There is paper there honest - it's the black that doesn't have flecks in it... ;~)

And then this afternoon he did a bit of finger painting with Matthew - although the emphasis was on 'a bit'. He doesn't seem as interested in the texture of the finger paints and never spends as long playing with them as with the 'real' paint (even if he then uses his fingers with that). 

Cleaning up is always fun though. 

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