Tuesday, 28 April 2009

Disaster in the Park

But first some coin posting. I keep meaning to get a money box but a breadsticks tube with a hole cut in the lid works just as well. He did all the coins 5 times before he started to get bored and shove them around the carpet.  

I finally had my camera with me in the park. The blossom is going on the trees but there's still a gorgeous group of them on the path. 

The ground looks like there's been a wedding... 

And then we went to the swings and... disaster!

It wasn't a total shock as the park had been closed at the weekend whilst they felled a tree but there was a sign on the gates saying it'll be closed all week while they do more work on the trees. 

The boy wasn't impressed.

So we came home and popped bubble wrap instead... 

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