Wednesday, 31 August 2011


We spent a lovely morning at the National Herb Centre this morning. They have a new addition to the children's playground there and it was great fun (plus they make very lovely cake!). I bought a few more herbs for our tubs as I've cleared out the remains of the salad leaves that had gone leggy. We spent quite a while in the garden tidying and planting (and unplanting, thank you Isabel). One of the holes that the dog has dug in the lawn got filled with water and paddled in.

The dog saw a cat and dashed into the planted area and started barking over the fence. He's trashing my garden. We need to cover the chicken wire fence so he can't see through and then he won't know when there's a cat there.

Terrible photo but there is one remaining anemone that he hasn't trampled to death and it's lovely to see it starting to flower just as the rest of the garden is settling towards autumn.

The climbing frame is ever popular. I did look out later to see Isaac with his bike at the top of the slide contemplating riding down it. Thankfully the idea was abandoned but it's only a matter of time before he tries it.

Remember the loo roll monsters? RIP buddy. The dog prizes cardboard tubes over anything else that isn't food.

The mission to move sand into every part of the house continues. I'm not entirely sure how this happened though...

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  1. Every year I mean to plant anemones, and every year I forget. I love how they last into September. I wonder if I'm too late to get an already blooming plant..
    Oh yes, and I'm a mean Mummy, years of sand in the house means we no longer have a sand pit.