Thursday, 25 August 2011

Taste and see

Fruit bowls up and down the land look like this when you have a toddler in the house...

The clean washing that I put on the stairs ready to go up was repurposed for other things... She's not very happy as her brother had just grabbed her baby off her back and she was still complaining.

A big chunk of bubble wrap provided entertainment for a while - although the boy wanting to have it all made for complaints from the girl. It's been that sort of a day today.

The bits on the rug are where the dog has been chewing up bits of cardboard - mostly toilet rolls that were being used for crafting (no monsters have been harmed).

Sand has been everywhere.

Turn ups provide a handy storage space ready for spreading it over soft furnishings. (And yes Nicky they are your trousers!)

Isaac requested smoothie at about 10am. I finally got chance to make it at about 2pm. He had 2 mouthfuls and then pushed it aside but Isabel loved it. She carried the cup around with her and finally discarded it when something more interesting caught her eye. The cup is no more - the dog quite liked the smoothie too.

I had helpers in making dinner. He chopped and peeled (the peeling was very precise and he will be invited to do it again).

She stirred (and slopped over the newly cleaned cooker).

Isaac is coming back into the big bed tonight. He didn't like it he says in the other bed, he was lonely.

**EDIT** nope he's gone to bed in his own bed again


  1. Can't believe that you managed to get her into trousers!
    Dinner looks tastie what was it?

  2. That pic of the apples made me laugh! I remember a family party where my mil had laid out little bowls of crisps at toddler height, India had a lick of a crisp from each bowl, and then put the licked crisp back!!

  3. Lol at the apples. In this house my son gets through apples at a rate of knots.