Tuesday, 16 August 2011


We went to see the penguins at Birdland in Burford today. Isaac is very very keen on Octonauts so we figured a bit of real life penguin action would go down well (even though it wasn't the right sort of penguins to be Peso). The king penguins are so beautiful. The humboldts less so. We both have mixed feelings about these sorts of animal parks as there's something inherently sad about seeing beautiful creatures in small enclosures. The parks around here seem to be good on animal welfare and I know that captive breeding and research programmes are very important. It still doesn't sit very comfortably with either of us though. Right now we're not up to big expeditions to see wild penguins though...

We stopped at Rollright on the way home. Of course Isaac climbed the stones which wasn't quite what I had in mind.

Isabel decided she needed to carry two cats and a Pooh bear this afternoon. She then took them all out to the sand pit. I think there's as much sand in the house as there is outside now (and quite a lot in my bra).

Apparently I am fair game if I bend down to clear toys away. I told him he was responsible for his own well-being and I wasn't hanging onto him. I think he saw it as a challenge and clung on until I tipped him forwards to deliberately unseat him.

He wanted popcorn for dinner (we suggested he had pasta first). Popcorn is a big hit in this house - home made and without any toppings. Even the dog gets in on the act.

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