Saturday, 6 August 2011

Well one of them's dressed

It's just that it's the doll not the child. Although the trousers do keep falling off.

She calls slings/wraps 'back' even if it's on the front so there were some frustrating conversations of trying to work out where she wanted her baby today. Plus she only ever kept it on for 3 seconds but she was so happy to have her baby on her.

She decided that baby needed milk. She did try to feed him herself but decided mummy was a better bet. Not to be fobbed off with just sticking the doll in my bra my boob had to come out and then she decided she wanted that side so baby got pushed aside.

Isaac went on a boat in Oxford today and had lots of fun on an expedition in the Pitt Rivers museum. Complete with pith helmet and torch.

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