Monday, 1 August 2011

I think we need a climbing frame

The apple tree had one apple on it this year. One poor lonesome apple. Right on the bottom branch. It was looking pretty with a red blush on it and was shaping up to be a nice apple. You may notice it's no longer on the tree.

It must have been VERY sharp as even when ripe the apples from this tree are tart. She had a good go at it though.

I have a bike. This is big news. I don't think I've ever owned a bike before. I did ride my mum's when I was a teen but we lived a mile and half outside a village and it was all uphill on the way back (and some very steep hills at that) so biking wasn't really a very attractive option. I last got on a bike (that wasn't bolted to the ground) 19 years ago. It was a bit daunting to get back on one and it sat looking at me for a week or so after it was ready to ride but yesterday I got on it and had fun. I don't ache too badly today and my aim is to use it every day and get my confidence up before getting a seat or trailer for Isabel. It was quite satisfying in a way for Isaac to be yelling after me to slow down for once as he couldn't keep up with me on his bike (I was going up hill at the time). Going down hill he is fearless and so much quicker than me.

All was quiet this afternoon. Those with small children know that quiet = trouble. Well it was sort of helping... He was taking the washing off the line for me. Mostly by jumping and pulling till the pegs went ping (I am still finding them in the flower beds) but the ones that he couldn't reach from below he climbed up to get. I think we need to get a climbing frame or else be prepared to buy a new washing line soon.

Anything can be a hat you know. Even your dinner.

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