Tuesday, 30 August 2011

Ride 'em cowboy

We've been roaming more parks (and finding them mostly deserted). Isabel had a lovely time riding the rocking bird with much vigour.

Isaac did lots of climbing, spinning and made his way across the monkey bars but then was too tired to walk back to the car.

The sand pit is very soggy at the moment but is all the more popular for it. The quantity of sand inside the house continues to rise.

Sometimes she seems so grown up. But sometimes she is still my baby - even if she's cuddling her own too.

A trip into town to run some errands meant a long pause at the horse both there and back. Two babies accompanied us sometimes riding on my back with Isabel, sometimes being carried and sometimes in the pocket of my pull along shopping trolley. She's getting her bottom canines at the moment and quite dribbly. She spends a lot of time gurning*.

Isaac tried to climb the horse (what else) and had a bit of an anatomy lesson - 'mummy where's it's bottom' was asked at a volume that only a 4 year old can manage.

And his response to 'we're going home now' was to climb where I can't reach (especially as Isabel was on my back by that point). He did come down without too much persuasion though.

* a good northern word - I don't know if they still do gurning championships or not but it's worth googling images if you're not aware of the practice.

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