Thursday, 4 August 2011

There's no such thing as bad weather...

...just more washing. It rained today and is finally a little cooler (although was still sweaty and hot during the rain). We went to the park anyway. I could have put everyone in waterproofs but a) I'm not that organised and b) oh the sweat. So they played and got wet. I got wet. They loved it and didn't want to come home. I had to be the grown up and say it really was raining just a little too hard now and we should go. But not until after we'd all three of us gone on the zip slide together. It's a shame when they won't let a mama play on the equipment on her own but it was fun if a little chaotic with all of us involved.

Isabel went on the zip slide on her own too. Cackling with laughter she clung on and wanted to do it again and again till she got too tired to cling on and had to come on with me.

And then we went home and did some baking. I needed something cake-like after Isabel being up at 4am today.

Take 3 teaspoons of flour and put it in a bowl. Add one small child and then get on with the baking. I have learnt that this is better than letting them have free rein with the flour jar and it's less frustrating for me than having small hands in the mixing bowl (although there's always a little if that).

And clutching a few white chocolate chunks she was off. Closely followed by the dog.

Rachel Allen's peanut & white chocolate blondies (except I used almond butter as that's what I had).

The dog has a technique for getting any remaining bits out of the high chair. He sticks his nose in as far as it will go through a leg hole and the lifts the whole chair till it falls over.

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