Wednesday, 3 August 2011


Summer has well and truly hit. Unusually for England the hot weather has coincided with the school holidays. It means the parks are all very busy but we still go anyway.

Isaac likes to hide under our friend's rosemary on the way to the park. Isabel loves shouting 'dere' when I ask 'where oh where is Isaac'.

Two hot hours in the park today was all this mama could cope with. They would happily have spent longer there but I was melting. Isabel mostly played with sticks and dirt and was convinced that a conker casing was an apple and most disappointed when she wasn't able to eat it.

Isaac loves the climbing tree and is going higher and higher. Here he was driving the Octopod but at other times the branch was his computer and he was in the attic.

It's due to rain tomorrow. It might cool down a bit too. Phew!

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