Tuesday, 18 May 2010

Back at the beach

For the second year we've decamped to South Wales for a few days for our anniversary (7 years, how did that go so fast?). The beach is whole 30 seconds from the house and so gets visited many times a day no matter what the weather.

The boy and the bear are in their natural habitat.

And yes in the middle of all those rocks is my son.

We're getting a lot of use out of the slings.

There are lots of castles near here and last year we left it very late to see our nearest so it was first on the list this year. When we arrived the car park was blocked though as they were in the process of installing a huge sculpture (one of 15 that will be on show during the summer).

I thought the castle would be great for a climbing boy but a crane was even better!

We did some shadow play in one of the towers.

Isabel and I had a little pit stop in amongst the ruins. She's growing up so quickly.

The crane driver was happy for Isaac to help (once the work of art had been unloaded).

And then the boy had to take another photo - anyone'd think that all I did was feed this girl (it feels like it sometimes).

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