Sunday, 23 May 2010

A Cow for Daddy

Today was a boring normal kind of a day with not much happening so I got the paints out and Isaac had a great time. Often he only paints on one bit of paper and then gets more fun out of putting paint on himself but today he had purpose to his art and he did painting after painting and was very determined about when he'd finished one.

One of the odd things to come out of having a hospital birth was that we were given these sponge things by someone (the anaesthetist?). They're great for painting with.

After painting comes the clearing up - and whilst we're very eco with the washing up liquid we use we're less so with the amount of water that goes down our drains...

Here's the nice neat blog picture.

And here's the reality of our kitchen (and this is pretty tidy as we only came home a couple of days ago).

Susan Striker in Young at Art talks about trying not to fix meaning into children's paintings and on the whole I agree with her. What today is a tree might be a rocket tomorrow etc. But today for the first time Isaac had an idea of what he wanted to paint.

'a cow for Daddy'

He said 'this is the tail' and 'that's it's sort of head' as he was painting it.

This was 'a sort of thing for you'.

And then there were several that were a 'thing for Isabel'.

One of the advantages to having put on weight is that I get to wear my favourite skirt again.

I've been hoarding this with the intention of using the fabric for 'something' some day but right now it fits me perfectly (which very little does at the moment).

Isabel is a very chilled soul (although I'm wary of tagging her with such a label as I don't want to fix her in one role or another - she will be who she wants to be but for now she's very easy going).

And there's one thing my kids do well - gorgeous belly buttons.

A cow for Daddy

that's it's tail and that's it's sort of head

a sort of thing for you

a thing for Isabel and another thing for Isabel

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