Saturday, 8 May 2010

Pensthorpe again

Yesterday was a snotty day. And a coughy one (it's not much better today) but at least the weather wasn't too bad so we headed to the bird reserve at Pensthorpe. It's a 30-40 minute drive and the boy whilst quiet most of the time in the car did at one point pipe up in his squeaky bunged up voice, 'mummy it's a long way to the ducks'.

The last time we were there he was wary of the ducks and geese and clung tight so I wasn't sure how he'd be this time. The first ducks we saw were some big ducklings though as as you can see he was very happy to get up close.

Mama duck had to check she wasn't on the lunch menu.

They liked Isaac so much they followed him into the shop (well they knew they'd get some food) and the boy had to help herd them out again.

In the enclosure near the buildings there are some semi tame birds and you can buy bags of food so that you can feed them. The boy was very serious in making sure that all of them got their fair share and the big ones didn't take all the food.

The long paths are perfect for small boys to run down.

We went into one of the hides to watch the wild birds.

Before doing some more running.

The last of the feed went in the water on the way back.

And then he stopped to say hello to the sleeping birds.

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