Tuesday, 25 May 2010

Beds and cake

The most adorable dress on the most adorable baby - well I think so anyway.

I really value night time parenting although it's getting hard with two of them. The bed has been in various configurations over the last few years and this week we've changed things again.
We used to have the cotbed against the bed but it's not been used in a while and I've been missing having a clock and light within reach so it's now been moved under the window and the mattress lowered in the hope that Isaac might want to sleep at a small distance from me - I sleep in the small space between them...

I suspect that the cotbed will be unused and will eventually become covered in clothes etc but it's worth a try before we take it down.

There are now bed guards on either side and there's plenty of space in the bed in theory (although toddlers can spread A LOT whilst they sleep). Isabel's getting less sicky but it's been easier to have a small sheet with a disposable changing mat under it than to change a king sized bed every day. It's not been needed for the last couple of nights but I don't want to stop the practice too soon.

I've been wanting to make cake for 4 days now but not had time and today I finally for chance to use some lavender that I'd bought to make a cake.

From this:

To this:

What could be more perfect! It's yummy.


  1. love the dress and the cake looks great.

  2. Oh that cake looks lovely,I bet it smelled delicious while cooking.

  3. the smell was lovely

    I'm wondering if I can do the same thing with some cardamon. It's a lovely light cake.

  4. The cake looks lovely, I hope you managed to put your feet up for 5minutes with a cuppa & a slice.