Tuesday, 4 May 2010

The boy

We had a trip out this morning to Norfolk Lavender who have added a rare breeds section to their gardens. It's very small and not worth a long trek but as it's 10 minutes up the road it made for the perfect morning out.

You know it's going to be good when there's a road roller in the car park.

Given a chance the boy would have been in the river... Maybe when it's a bit warmer!

He tries to make friends with all living creatures and gets very fed up that they keep running away from him...

There were lots of chickens at the centre, most free range but the rare breeds in enclosures. These hen houses were very sweet.

We've not done many farms visits with the boy as any animals we've encountered have been met with a lot of suspicion and distrust. The mix here was pretty perfect for him though with even the horse being to his scale.*

The first proper animals we saw were goats and he wasn't interested in going near them even though they were small.

But after that he got braver and went right up to enclosures.

This is Danna stroking the alpaca though not him.

After the animals we went to the huge sand pit.

Looked over the bridge at the fish.

And then there was some playing in the play park that has the perfect view for a small boy as it faces a big set of traffic lights so he could watch the buses, police cars and land rovers amongst the other traffic.

* as I was putting him to bed tonight in the midst of singing Hush Little Baby he asked what a horse and cart was (he knows but he likes to ask questions) so we talked about horses and the shetland pony he saw today and he said "I wasn't scared". The boy is processing.


  1. boys are so funny! We took Ellis to a wildlife centre a few weeks ago...what does he tell people about? The tractor we saw when we pulled out of our street?!?!

  2. They're simple creatures... ;~)